Dealing With A Collapsed Baffle

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A septic system in Sherman, TX has many parts, including a set of baffles. Sewer baffles are vanes or panels designed to direct or manage the flow in your septic tank. They’re located where pipes enter and exit the tank. The inlet baffle helps wastewater flow smoothly while the outlet baffle keeps solids from exiting the tank and getting to the leach field. If you suspect that one or both of these baffles has collapsed, Dusty Underwood Plumbing & Septic is here to help.

What Causes Baffles to Collapse?

Years of exposure to corrosive gases that buildup in septic tanks can deteriorate concrete baffles. If the deterioration gets extensive and severe enough, an inlet or outlet baffle can collapse. Improper septic installation can place added stress and strain on baffles as well. Tree roots could also cause baffles to crack or collapse entirely.

Emptying the Tank to Check the Baffles

The tank will need to be completely emptied first so both baffles can be fully examined to determine if there has been a collapse. If the damage is minimal, it may be possible to restore the normal function of the baffles and tank with the help of the appropriate septic services.

When Replacement Is the Better Option

If you have a welded ball and cone baffle, the two half spheres of the tank keep it firmly secured in place. But if this type of baffle is forced out of place, septic replacement is typically what’s necessary since repair is usually impossible at this point. Repair can also be tricky with a hanging baffle that’s been knocked out of position, or if the hooks are damaged.

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