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When you have issues with your septic system, you need a professional who is trained and knowledgeable in every aspect of adequate septic system care and repair. While there are many companies that offer septic services, not all are reliable. By choosing our Septic company in durant, for all your septic needs, you can be assured you will receive the best care possible. Under the guidance of a third-generation master plumber, professionals at Dusty Underwood Plumbing and Septic are trained in septic repair and installation with a focus on customer service.

Over 20 years of experience in the community and surrounding areas has helped us to develop a reputation for quick and affordable services that your septic needs. Take a closer look at what we have to offer homeowners and business owner clientele.

Our Septic Services

While some companies specialize only in the septic installation or septic repair, we can do it all. There is no doubt that each aspect of adequate septic care takes painstakingly meticulous detail and dedication to the job at hand, and we take our obligation to our clients and their property seriously. The wide array of services that we offer include septic system site evaluation (soil testing) and design, installation, repair, tank pumping, and system maintenance. Our goal is to keep your septic system in working order, and when it experiences issues, to get it back up and functioning properly as quickly as possible.

Septic System Installation

This job is just as difficult and labor-intensive as it sounds. Installing a new septic system in Durant, OK, and nearby areas usually takes place for a new build or as a complete replacement for a faulty system. Our professionals can help with every aspect of the septic installation from placement preference and tank selection to excavating, installation, and setup.

Septic System Repair

Due to daily use, any septic system is susceptible to common wear and tear. While this is expected, repairs are typically not. Whether you were caught by surprise or expecting your septic to need repairs, we are here to help. Our professionals can assist with concrete fatigue, soil settling, active septic alarms, and more.

Septic Tank Pumping

Daily waste from your family or business goes into an underground tank as storage until it can be emptied or pumped. Routine septic pumping can improve the longevity of your septic. Our professionals can provide advice on how often this should occur based on septic type, the number of users, and tank size. Following a suggested schedule can help homeowners and business owners avoid larger issues caused by a septic tank overflow.

Septic System Maintenance

The key to avoiding a complete septic replacement is preventive maintenance and servicing. Regular cleaning, inspection, and testing will keep your septic in top shape for as long as possible.

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