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A septic system in Bonham, TX, or nearby areas should be installed properly and maintained regularly. It can provide years of service for you and your family without any major problems. At Dusty Underwood Plumbing and Septic, we understand the importance of getting the septic system design, placement, and installation right the first time.

We understand that it is critical to have an expert septic installer on your side from installation to the following years of repairs and maintenance to ensure more savings. Rest assured that Dusty Underwood Plumbing and Septic has what it takes to keep your septic system in good condition for the life of your system. We provide a wide range of septic services in the following location:

Expert Planning and Accurate Septic Installation

We have a wealth of experience regarding the rules and regulations of septic system design. Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to ensure the placement is right and that you'll have trouble-free septic for many years to come. We will show you what the options are on your property and help find the perfect spot to place your desired septic tank and sewage system.

Lasting and Affordable Septic Repair 

All septic systems are subject to wear and tear. Routine usage guarantees repairs will need to be made at some point. Soil settling, concrete fatigue, and other problems can arise, but our septic experts know how to make the needed septic repair with your budget in mind.

Get the repairs you need for lasting, positive results by consulting Dusty Underwood Plumbing and Septic. We offer more than just plumbing and septic repair solutions that are backed by our warranty. We also offer easy and convenient financing options.

Septic Installation
Septic Installations

Prevent Short-Circuiting the Treatment Process With Septic Tank Pumping

Maintain a clean environment and keep your property and water table protected from sewage contamination with Dusty Underwood Plumbing and Septic’s range of services. Heavy rains, constant usage, and an overtaxed system can lead to overfilling, spills, and the need for immediate pumping. You also need a dependable service to provide the regular emptying a septic tank needs. It is recommended that you pump your tank every two to five years depending on the type of system and usage. Routine maintenance and scheduled tank pumping can help to prevent costly backups and emergency pump-outs. We schedule a time and day to come out and pump the septic tank before it reaches an overflow level.

Keep Your System in Great Condition With Routine Septic System Maintenance

The longevity of your septic system comes partially from the right septic installation. It also depends on seeking and getting the best ongoing maintenance possible.

Everything from major repairs to septic replacement can be avoided by maintaining your septic system well. Along with septic system installation, repair, and replacement, we also provide services like:

  • Septic Tank Locate Service
  • Spray Field Relocation
  • Aerobic Septic Chlorine Service
  • Septic Real Estate Inspections
  • Septic Maintenance Contracts

We handle all of your septic system needs and are experienced with all types and sizes of systems. Don't wait for a septic backup or problem before getting the maintenance your septic needs to operate as it should.

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