Does Your Septic Need to Be Replaced?

As with the systems that help run your household, septic systems can also run into problems. While designed for heavy-duty usage, a septic system isn’t designed to last forever. You can practice regular maintenance and keep it running smoothly for many years, but over time, all septic systems will need to be replaced. Here are signs you can tell your septic system in Sherman, TX should be replaced by Dusty Underwood Plumbing & Septic.

Continuous Pipe Backups

If your septic system’s pipes continuously backup, it means the system is starting to break down. You may first notice signs such as gurgling sounds and a foul odor in your home. This signifies that you need septic services in Sherman, TX. Your pipes are probably clogged and backing up and your toilet won’t adequately flush.

Problems with the Tank

When your septic system’s tank runs into problems, you need septic repair in Sherman, TX. Going a step further, it’s more likely that you’ll need the tank replaced altogether. The tank might overflow, which means it’s not properly disposing of wastewater. It won’t be able to effectively break down any solid waste that enters, which calls for immediate attention from a professional plumber.


Once puddles begin forming in your yard when it hasn’t been raining and you haven’t been running a sprinkler system, that is a sure sign that you need a new septic installation in Sherman, TX. It means that your septic system is malfunctioning and not properly disposing of wastewater.

Greener Patch of Grass

If you notice a patch of grass in the area where your septic tank is located, it’s a sign you need the system replaced. When the drain field has problems, there is more moisture in the soil, which causes the greener grass. There may also be more plants growing in the area due to raw sewage serving as fertilizer.

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