Tips on Avoiding Septic System Issues

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Dusty Underwood Plumbing and Septic is pleased to provide septic repair, septic maintenance, and septic installation in Bonham, TX and nearby areas. With a residential or commercial septic system, it’s far easier to head off problems before they begin than it is to address extensive system damage later on.

Apart from our reliable septic services in Bonham, TX, we can offer you the following advice on caring for your system:

Flush with Care

Hair, dental floss, baby wipes, and personal care items should never be flushed into a septic system. These materials are difficult or impossible for the system to break down, and they will eventually cause the tank to back up. They can also damage pumps and filters and may lead to expensive septic repair in Bonham, TX down the road.

Prevent System Overloads

When relying on a septic system in Bonham, TX, it’s best to space out activities like laundry, bathing, and dishwashing to keep from flooding the system. A sudden large inflow may sweep solid particles from the bottom of the tank out into the disposal area where they can clog the field lines.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Periodic pumping and cleaning of a septic system to remove solids are necessary to prolong its useful life and prevent the need for untimely septic replacement in Bonham, TX. These tasks must be performed by a licensed septic system pumper in order to ensure quality workmanship and proper disposal of the waste collected from the system.

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