Consequences of Improper Septic System Installation

Whether you need septic replacement in Bonham, TX, or septic repair services for your existing system, you can count on the team at Dusty Underwood Plumbing & Septic. Our crew has a wealth of septic plumbing expertise, and we’re very familiar with the many things that can go wrong when a system has been haphazardly installed. We want our local clientele to be fully informed about a wide range of septic system issues, and we offer the following reasons that proper system installation is critical.

Head off Early System Failure

As might be expected, improper septic installation in Bonham, TX can cause pumps and other system components to fail before their time. This creates added expense for the property owner when repairs are needed and may eventually lead to the replacement of the entire system years before it would otherwise have been necessary.

Avoid Exposure to Untreated Sewage

A failing septic system in Bonham, TX will often allow sewage to back up and spill out of the system. If this happens, soil and groundwater could become contaminated. The raw sewage may even travel into creeks, streams, and other surface water bodies where it could affect humans, pets, and wildlife in the immediate vicinity.

Prevent Property Damage

If sewage from the septic system backs up into the adjoining structure, significant damage will occur. The property owner will likely be faced with a costly biohazard clean-up project on top of septic repair in Bonham, TX to deal with the original problem.

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