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Dusty Underwood Plumbing and Septic is the only place to turn when you require septic repair. Our family-owned, locally-based septic service company has been serving clients just like you since 2010, and you can be certain that we’ll work hard to earn your business and your trust. Our expansive industry expertise has prepared us to handle a wide range of services for septic systems of all ages and types, and no job is too big or too small for us to handle.

Whether it is for your septic or your plumbing, trust only Dusty Underwood Plumbing and Septic. Here is a look at the services we offer:

  • Septic Pumping - When in need of septic pumping, entrust the work to the experts.
  • Septic Cleaning - Regular septic cleaning needs to be thorough at all times. Give us a call to get the job done right.
  • Septic Maintenance - We advise regular septic maintenance courtesy of our professionals to avoid any issues later on.
  • Septic Repair - We specialize in professional septic repair. Our team has what it takes to take on any septic issue you may be experiencing.
  • Septic Tank Repair - Let our septic tank repair experts address any damage.
  • Septic Tank Cleaning - Worried that an overflow is imminent? A septic tank cleaning from our team can be the best solution.

Professional Maintenance

We always go the extra mile to provide dependable workmanship and prompt service. We only use quality parts and components on every project, and we follow the guidelines of state and local health authorities to ensure that our work is up to code.

Our licensed technicians are qualified to pump septic tanks as well as handle other general maintenance and service tasks that are necessary to keep systems of all ages in good working order.

Trust Us for Septic Repairs

Our team excels at providing a full suite of services, such as septic repair. If necessary, we start out by locating the tank and disposal lines, and we then diagnose the problem so that we can start implementing an effective repair right away. We always keep excavation to an absolute minimum, and we only install replacement parts that are compatible with the existing system. We also make sure that the newly repaired system is functioning correctly before we leave the property for the last time.

Our Attention to Detail Sets Us Apart

Although we’re engaged in a tough industry, our personnel aim to deliver first-rate customer care for any septic system in Sherman, TX, at every opportunity. We know that the work we do is important, and we answer all calls from prospective clients promptly. We take the time to communicate with the property owner about the expected scope of the job beforehand so that there are no surprises, and we look out for the client’s interests by furnishing a detailed estimate on every project. We also completely clean up the job site when our repair tasks are finished so that the property owner doesn’t have to see or handle discarded septic system parts or other unsightly debris.

Dusty Underwood Plumbing and Septic also offers plumbing and septic services in the following locations:

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Remember our business name, Dusty Underwood Plumbing and Septic, and contact us today if you need septic services or if your existing septic system is overdue for maintenance or repair. Our experienced technicians are available to respond to requests for service calls throughout the local area. Pricing is approved before we start the work. We also provide senior & military discounts, apart from our monthly special offers.

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