High-Quality Septic Services in Commerce, TX

Worry less about your septic system and put the team from Dusty Underwood Plumbing and Septic to work for you. We offer a full range of top-quality septic solutions for our customers in Commerce, TX, and surrounding communities that can help you get the most value and useful lifespan out of it.

Septic Tank Pumping

A leading cause of septic system failure is a lack of regular pumping and cleaning. Reduce your odds of being surprised by drain backups, overflows, and other potentially costly and unpleasant issues by contacting us to schedule regular septic tank pumping in Commerce, TX. Our technicians come prepared with everything needed to do thorough pumpings and cleanings.

Septic System Repair

Drain fields, pipes, and clogged tanks are among the many possible issues that could affect a septic system at any given time. Our local septic experts serving the local area are ready to find the source of the problem, honestly discuss your options, and get everything working again with septic repair in Commerce, TX, backed by our warranty.

Septic System Maintenance

A budget-friendly way to keep your septic system up and running is to give us a call about septic maintenance. During a typical inspection, all key parts and connections are checked and any discovered problems are identified and addressed. You're also welcome to contact us for:

  • Inspections for real estate purposes
  • Aerobic septic chlorine service
  • Septic maintenance contracts that can save you time and money
  • Spray field relocation


Your Trusted Local Septic Experts

Originally a trading post when first established in 1872, Commerce is now a thriving city where many residents like to spend time at popular local spots that include City Park and Jim Chapman Lake. Thanks to our local septic professionals, you can enjoy the best of what Commerce has to offer while our team takes care of all septic services.

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