Water Filtration Maintenance Tips

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A water filtration system ensures that homes have immediate access to clean, healthy, and safe water. Keeping a filtration system effective, however, relies on routine check-ups and maintenance. Dusty Underwood Plumbing & Septic, your trusted plumber in Bonham, TX, shares some tips on how to maximize your filtration system’s lifespan through proper maintenance.

Routine System Cleaning

If possible, water filter components should undergo cleaning and sanitizing each week to prevent buildup of contaminants. Avoid using harsh cleaners as these can affect the quality of the water.

Built-in water filter monitoring systems also aid in consistent cleaning. For best results, consider professional plumbing services by our team at Dusty Underwood Plumbing and Septic.

Keep Up on New Filter Cartridges

A filtration system’s control unit also indicates when a filter needs changing. The best plan is to follow the provided system and cartridge guidelines for optimal efficiency. Also note the filter’s expiration date and the date you last changed the filter.

Keeping up on system connections and O-ring conditions is also good maintenance practice against drips or leaks. Routine maintenance checkups by expert technicians at our plumbing company are a good way to stay ahead of minor issues before they become big problems.

Shut Off During Long Vacations

When no one will be home for over a month, it’s also good practice to close off the system’s water source to avoid needing emergency plumbing services especially when you’re away. If you have an automated filter cleaning function, it should also be shut off.

Maintenance or Replacement

Water filtration systems have a lifespan. After this time, the system can become inefficient in clearing contaminants. The filtration’s service life can, however, be maximized with routine maintenance by the experts at Dusty Underwood Plumbing & Septic.

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